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I'm in agreement with you, Elizabeth.

I so miss Quorn. It isn't sold here in NZ because it's population is so carniverous!

Debbie in London

I am practically vegetarian too, but get bored with Quorn sometimes. This looks lovely, I may give it a try this week, I believe there are some lentils lurking in the cupboard.

Another veggie recipe I have recently discovered is Turlu Turlu, you can find it here


I eat it as is, or with a bit of grated cheese on the top. The menfolk usually get it with a lamb chop alongside. I make extra for reheating the next day for lunches, and my son also likes it cold.


Your version looks very tasty but sorry, lentils and pineapple just sounds wrong!


You can't beat lentils! I was veggie for 25 years and rarely ate Quorn. Although I was partial to a Linda McCartney's sausage roll!

Debbie in London

Just popping back to say I made this for dinner last night. We had it with broccoli and carrots, and it went down very well. I am just about to eat the leftovers cold for my lunch. Thanks for the recipe!

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