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I hope you are not serious when you say you are thinking of giving up blogging. I would really miss your posts, I love reading about all the great buys you find in the charity shops, car boot sales and rummage sales. Also your posts about the new things you make from recycled things. I know it is a commitment to blog but hope you reconsider.



And how old are you inside? I'm still only 16 in there and I'm sure you're not too far off.
Sort out the pics and keep blogging or else I won't have a blog to read when I click my link.
Take care.
Love from Mum


Your Mum has spoken, and I do hope you do as she says. :) I enjoy reading about your thrifting, cooking, and crafting. I was thinking the other day about my blog, and how I have been so hit and miss lately. But then I thought about it as my journal, and as a journal, it has been most successful for me...the longest I've ever stuck with a journaling project.

Hmm...I did the math, and I find I'm a year or two older than you. I've been thinking that I was much older than you than that. :)


I'd be sorry to see you give up your blog but I do understand it can be a chore to write posts sometimes-I'm a very occasional blogger these days and do wonder if it's worth it. My daughter says I should keep going as she loves reading my blog even though we live in the same house! I agree with Kathleen, a blog is a kind of journal which is interesting to look back on to remind yourself of what you've done. Hope you'll continue. X


I would miss you :)


No! Don't stop blogging, I love reading it!


This Canadian has you bookmarked and loves your comments on life across the pond. I live with a disability and can never travel overseas. You give me a glimpse into life as I would hope to look for if I was able to come and poke around in the shops. When we do venture out here in our Prairie towns I have conditioned my husband to stop at thrift shops. Your poignant descriptions of adapting to changing fortunes inspire me as I try to adjust to mine! Keep on blogging....even with out the pictures! I read every word and check you weekly!


Oh please don't stop blogging! Your blog always feels real. It's great, one of the best out there. All best wishes, must be tough for you coping with P so far away!

Debbie in London

I rarely comment but am always here reading along, and must add my voice to the clamour asking you to not stop blogging :) I love to read of your finds (and am jealous, as I never seem to find much myself!)

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