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I suggested vintage fairs to a blogger I follow as she'd a lot of retro stuff to sell and she replied that it wasn't for her as there's no way she could sit down all day! Madness! They are brilliant but bloody hard work. I wish I could come and visit but I'm sending you lots of luck instead! xxx


Elizabeth, it sounds wonderful. Perhaps take some photos of your stall and, maybe, even you and your mum?


Best of luck, Elizabeth - do hope it goes well for you all.

French Knots

Hope you have a brilliant day, I have been decluttering some of my treasure and had a stall at a table top sale last week. So probably a good job I'm not nearer to you or I'd come and buy lots of new goodies to fill the space I've made!


Have a great day. I'm sure it will be a lot of work but your items are bound to do really well.
I'd buy them!
Good luck

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