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I know what you mean about passing it on to charities - when there are meetings in our building, the amount of buffet food (and expensive buffet food at that - £7 per head) just sites in reception for people to pick at as they go past, but we are not allowed to give it to the street drinkers who congregate outside our office block, or indeed the homeless shleter I used to take my "leftovers" to. They are not allowed to accept it now due to "health and safety" - in my eyes this is ignorance around health and safety regulations and sees a huge amount of food go to waste. Not sure though, what we can do to change things.


It was a really interestng programme, I do think we need to use our common sense regarding food, the use by/sell by dates need to be there but often food is quite safe beyond those dates. I remember first hearing about Freegans last year, on the TV programme "Wife Swap" when they swapped a wife from an affluent family with the wife from the Freegans. The wife gave it a go to her credit and did all sorts of things like live in a camper van,use a chemical loo and scavenge for food at night! The teenage son of the Freegans wasn't happy living like that,and they seemed a bit odd to me. Can't say you'll find me in a bin at the back of Tesco's.


Hmmm, I really am thinking of going bin raiding. What bugs me more than anything is how these big supermarkets only reduce their end of date stuff by ridiculously small amounts 10p off a £2 item. If they want to sell it reduce it to at least half price or better still to 10p!

If prices continue to soar you're going to find me in those bins one night for sure!

Sharon J

I'm absolutely disgusted at the amount of food we waste in this country, not only by shops but by the individual consumer too. It hate throwing away anything that's edible but I'm afraid as a society, we're very selfish and just don't want to have to share. Better to bin it!

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