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I love this. We have naked water bottles at the minute that nearly burn our skin. I don't really knit so I might try this with a thrifted sweater. I love the colors you chose.

Frugal Trenches

Oh it is simply delightful!


At one time I could never see the sense in hot water bottle covers but that was before I bought one!
They are brilliant in stopping you from being burned and and keping the bottle warm for longer.
The one you made is lovely, you've done a great job


You can't beat a hot water bottle, and I love the cover, wonderful colours. Have a good few days away.


Found you via google looking for new hwbottle cover ideas.

This cover looks great! I love the thick rib and it looks like it would knit up in no time.

Did you use circular needles?


I absolutely love this ! Such a good idea using ribbing. I've sewn them before but never thought to knit one. Simple but effective - Lovely :)


I love hot water bottles and covers!


Love it!! Would like to post this on our cornishware group site if possible, and also get to know the pattern!!
kind regards Lindsay

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