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Do you think this is why we also have the phrase "need to get out more?" !!
I was delighted this morning when I discovered I had a choice of 2 pairs of clean pants, since we're on the subject of pants. Now, that is easy pleased!


That will be nice for you to be able to stand on the patio, less messy for your feet. I love my rotary dryer, and need to put in another one as it would save me a lot of time if I could hang two loads at once. It's nice that you can be easily pleased.


Dear Liz,

Just a short message which is totally unrelated to today's post which I thought you would find interesting and amusing. DN and I were walking home from football club tonight, when he suddenly delved into the gutter in Belton Road. He resurfaced with a very nice piece of bling! Yes, he'd spotted a paste diamond bracelet which he promptly put on. I must say it looks very nice and is very sparkly - you know how he loves his bling. He's very pleased with it and showed the babies straight away. So looking about the gutters for money etc must run in the family.

Lots of love from Sarah


In 1974, when Dad was partly knocking down and rebuilding his mother's house for us all to live in, (doesn't that sound callous; poor granny; no, she'd died and left it to him!) he made a special little path that snaked into the lawn, with the rotary drier at the end. We were so impressed! But I have to say, I love my long line when it's propped up and everything's blowing dry. But what really prompted this comment was the smile you gave me about your "not so smalls"; a friend of mine calls them her "bigs"! (Still smaller smalls than mine though!)


Mrs. D, who was ancient when I knew her--she was born in the late 1800s, still the Victorian era--referred not to undergarments but to her "body clothes." Even into the early 1970s, when she died, she wore corsets. There was no give when you hugged her!

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