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great finds, love the screwdriver. The top is beautiful, I love the colour. We've been in the 40's this week, it even snowed, now I'm wishing it was a tad warmer. I'm not quite ready to pull out the warm hats and gloves.


Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for the lovely top - I really like it. I don't think I can wait until you come home, so yes, please, can you post it to me? When I first scrolled down and saw the picture, but hadn't read the text, I thought what a lovely top Liz has bought herself; I'd like one like that! So am really chuffed that it's for me.

Lots of love from Sarah


I've got a screwdriver exactly the same and love using it. The gardening set is fab.


Oh yes, I love those flower tools too - they do a huge range - all sorts of things, office stuff, garden tools, DIY stuff. Almost as good as the pink toolbox I got for Christmas last year - now that, is really fab!

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