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Frugal Trenches

Great finds, yet again :)


Great finds! - Do you find that beauty products sell well on ebay?

I enjoyed that interview - 6 kids a beautiful house and a modest income - amazing. I'm very guilty of being 'good' at frugality when for example times are difficult (the car cost £750 this week - I know get rid of the car - but with two kids, Gwyns leg and grandparents spread out it is a necessary evil) we are 'good' - we should be 'good' all the time!


Thank you so much for putting that link on there. I have read a lot about Amy Dacyczyn, it's great to put a face to her words. I agree with everything she says.


She is so right, it's the little things that add up. Also, I love thrifting because I usually get better quality stuff for way less than the cheap stuff at the store.


very nice finds, great saves. anyway, hope you get to profit off it on ebay :)


Good haul! I did pretty well out of the Boots 75% sale too. I hoping to make it to a larger store in the next week to see if I can scurry up a few more bargains.

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