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Hi, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while. I had to comment today. I think your car boot goodies are great. Dont worry about wearing the bat wing jumper. I am so old I have seen a few trends three or four times but I wil still wear them if I like them. Lots of trends are well worth revisiting (but definately not those huge dynasty shoulder pads LOL). Hope you keep finding the bargains.
Cheers, Eileen.


Great bargains there, Elizabeth - am particularly covetous of that 1647 top - looks lovely!

michelle h.

What beautiful things you found! Isn't a good sale just the best?? It makes up for all the duds!


The Dawn French top is lovely as is she! Years ago I had a very large client living on benefits. Getting clothes to fit was a nightmare. I wrote to Dawn at 16/47, she replied with a huge parcel of brand new clothes plus bolts of fabric. What a woman :)


Some great bargains you've found again! I have a skirt exactly like the one you got for your sister. I'm sure she'll love it, I wear mine a lot in the summer and get a lot of comments when I do. Yours seems to be missing the belt (which matches the spotty material on the bottom) but that's no great problem. I sometimes take mine off as it can be a bit of a nuisance.


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