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So sweet - I love the cherry on the top!


lovely :)
please can i enter

karen s

twannywun at hotmail dot com

Briget Taylor

I love this, especially the cherry on top. I'm in Australia, but originally from England. We're visiting later this year and I just love reading about your car boot finds. Takes me back to my childhood with some of your finds.



Love it. I need a cake with a cherry on top...right now!

jeanie senior

from a devoted reader, Jeanie


Such a lovely tea cosy - you're so clever, Elizabeth. But please don't enter me in the draw as I don't possess a teapot, so it would be entirely wasted on me. I love it, though!


It's lovely - I really like the chunky ribbing on the cream and the berry is such a great colour, you were so lucky to find this. I'm afraid I don't have a teapot either just wanted to say how much I liked it though.


I have got to make myself a tea cosy. Trouble is I just haven't decided if it should be knitted or sewn. I guess I could make two. . .

Love yours! It looks very sweet.


I just love the tea cosy. I started drinking tea while living in Canada and brought the habit to the states with me. Love the cherry on top. :D


Your teapot cosy is too cute! It's especially nice for covering up a teapot that's no longer in tip-top condition. I also love that you used thrifted yarn to create it! :)

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