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Andy Austin

Is this new junk shop in Basildon? I know you mention Basildon, Billericay and Wickford a lot so not sure which is your home tow. I live in Chelmsford, and the charity shops are quite expensive on the whole here so I tend to go to Basildon as it has quite a number of them.
I found Ipswich has loads too, but that is a journey I don't make as much as it is further away.

Andy Austin

Just clicked on the Faith Hope and Charity Shopping blog link. Thanks for this, as it has teacup candles as its first article: have just bought some parrafin wax and wicks to do just same.


Thanks for the links!


That book looks interesting, such a nice cover.

My tea cosy has arrived, Elizabeth! I wanted everyone to know how cute it is and how soft. I have it sitting on my teapot now and every time I use it I get a silly grin on my face - I think it's the cherry on top that makes it! The knitting is very neat too. I am very lucky and will stop now or I will make everyone jealous.


Elizabeth Yule

Hi Andy, Thanks foryour comment. The new junk shop is in Wickford - where I live. Totally agree with you about the charity shops in Chelmsford being expensive. Ive not gone up to Chelmsford for about four years because they are sopricey - despite the fact the bus goes fromthe end of my road. Basildon charity shops are, on the whole, much cheaper.Depending on what youre looking for, the charity shops in Billericay can be well worth a trip- theyve got seven intotal, which is pretty good for a town the size of Billericay. Thetwocharity shops in Wickford are certainly not expensive and again, depending on what youre looking for, could be worth a visit. Theres a huge new Sue Ryder shop about to open here as well and if you visited on a Monday morning you could also take in the local churchs Coffee and Jumble - always worth a look. Best wishes, Elizabeth.

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Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Hi Elizabeth, thanks so much for the kind words about my blog, it's so exciting to find all these people who love vintage and thrifting too. Great apron finds - I keep seeing gorgeous textiles being blogged about, but the old ladies round here are obviously hanging onto their tray-cloths and pinnies!


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