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Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Oh no - commiserations on your leg, our garden is vicious too, the pear tree nearly killed someone by dropping fruit on them recently and I've had a tetanus jab after a bit of hawthorn twig went straight through my show and into my foot!

At least you got a few bargains to console you!


So very sorry to hear of your injury! I hope it doesn't keep you down long. Glad you got in a final thrift before it happened. :) Healing thoughts coming your way.


GORGEOUS circle fabric-hope your leg gets better soon you poor thing!


What a painful shock. I think very dark chocolate aids the healing process!Get well soon:-)


I thought you'd slipped metaphorically, got carried away and bid £100 on something at the auction! Get better soon. x


You poor thing, hope you feel better soon.
One a plus side I adore that fabric. x


Ooh poor you, sounds very painful!! Arnica cream is the best though, so I hope you recover quickly. Glad you enjoyed the auction! (Yes, I too thought you meant you slipped up at the auction and got a bit bid-happy!)That fabric is really lovely - what gorgeous colours! The board is lovely too.xx


Oh no, poor you, hope you aqre on the mend soon. I love the little board you found, very sweet :o) Scarlett x

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