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How fabulous! You wait ages for some great vintage loot and like a bus it all arrives at the same time! Love the knitted dress, the pink mac and the knobs! The top two 1950s frocks are great, they should do well on eBay being generously proportioned! x


Brilliant bargains and vintage to boot, lucky you.
Isn't the suit gorgeous and I rather like the C &A jacket too. I went car booting also but there weren't quite the finds you made.


Love the knobs. Put in a board, they'd make a great rack on which to hang scarves, hats, necklaces, etc.


Elizabeth!!!! Am very impressed by your amazing eBay sale (had to have a quick squizz, nosey parker that I am!). I sold something the same make last year and did well, but not nearly as well as you! Your Hobbs scarves went well, as well, I see! And a bumper thrifting weekend as well - well done!

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