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Still rooting for you, Elizabeth. Good luck.


Best of luck with your move, Elizabeth. If you had to go somewhere then Bristol is the place as it's a great city. I never got down to the posher parts where there may be hidden gems in the charity shops.

Being near your family will, hopefully, help ease the missing of P.


Best of luck with the move Elizabeth. Have you tried putting unwanted items on freecycle? It's great for getting rid of large stuff to save taking up the dump or arranging collection. People collect very quickly, often within hours if you say you're moving...just a thought.
Gill x


Best of luck with the move, Elizabeth, and safe travels for P.


Good luck with your move Elizabeth, one good thing about moving is that it makes you ruthless about clearing out stuff that's accumulated over the years.


Good luck with the move.
Love from Mum


Good luck Elizabeth with the move. I hope everything goes smoothly for you both


I hope your move goes smoothly. I'm sorry to learn that P has to work away. My husband's work has kept him away about half the time for the last twenty plus years. I joke that it is the secret to our long and happy marriage, but it's not really fair to him as I know he doesn't like being away.

Wishing the best to you both! kathleen


Best of luck with everything. xxx


Congratulations on buying your house and good luck with the move.

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