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Lakota [Faith hope and Charity Shopping]

Happy new year! I'm glad it worked out ok, it is sad when our first reaction is suspicion, but I guess that's because you hear so much about scams. I tried to offer someone in a queue some spare tickets to an event I had, and she was really rude to me! I didn't want any money for them. Luckily there was someone else who could see I was just trying to be nice.

New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!


What a lovely thing to do, we should all pass on random acts of kindness I believe, it's something I'm trying to do. Yesterday I offered something on Freecycle and I delivered it to the lady who was so grateful-she did have her own car but thought it would be too small to fit the TV stand in. It left us both feeling good for the day, I'd like more of that this year. Happy New Year and may all your charity shop visits be fruitful!
Gill x

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