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Blood boiling time.


Very interesting how prices differ in different areas of the same country, isn't it?

I did chuckle a bit at the Sky TV thing at the bottom, though, as it reminded me of something. I have a flat that I rent out (I lived in it before I moved to Devon to live with Ashley), and several years ago, Ashley and I had occasion to go round to see the tenants (whose rent is paid in full by Housing Benefit, as neither of them work). They were watching TV, and it was some sporting event that Ashley was quite interested in, and hadn't been able to watch because it was only on Sky Sports and at the time (although we were both working full-time) we couldn't afford a Sky package that included the sports and movies.
We were both rather put out that these tenants, who lived on benefit, could afford Sky Sports, and we couldn't!


I read some of this article this morning but as I'd just finished a night shift I didn't get to the part that you refer to. Sorry Elizabeth, but I think Alec Shelbrooke's idea isn't half bad. I know of several people who were just too bone idle to even try to get a job and relied on the state to provide. The people I knew all smoked and ran cars and one (an ex neighbour) had a mobile phone permanently clamped to her ear and came home from town with new clothes every week. This is what makes my blood boil.


I'm much more concerned about the bone idle rich making fortunes out of ordinary British folk and manipulating them ( via the odious Daily Mail,Telegraph etc ) into thinking that "dole bludgers" are their enemy.
There was an excellent article in the Guardian just the other day about 25 urban myths ( you know the type: you're never further than 6 feet from a rat)and one of those was about unemployed people. Wish I could find it to share. Wish, if I could find it, I knew how to share it :)

Mrs Madrigal

£12 a week on food? Even for one person, cooking from scratch that is a low figure. You could spend that on your five a day alone!


for Maureen, see her comment above.
You just type the words you remember into the search section at the top. i.e. "urban myth rat" x

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