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We don't have street lights in our village, but the ones in town have recently started being turned off at similar times to yours. We do, however, live near a largeish prison, and while I understand that they probably need some outside lighting for security, they also have loads of really bright lights all the way down the driveway to the prison (about quarter of a mile long), which are on all night, and the light pollution is real pain for my husband who has a telescope and likes to look at the stars on clear nights.


When we lived in the country, I loved the true dark we enjoyed. Beautiful night skies and on full moons, I loved gazing out at the moon-shadowed world. We still live in semi rural setting, but just not the same.

I haven't had trouble uploading photos since using Google Chrome...before that, yes. I still have Internet Explorer.


Do you have a Facebook page, Elizabeth?


HOw is your summer going? Hope you are well. Miss your posts!


Hello Elizabeth I hope you are well and will continue your blog. I'm one of those people that lurks and doesn't comment much, but just like you to know how much I have enjoyed it.


We have Lights Out at 1.00am here. I think it is midnight GMT actually, so 1am on summertime. It seems fine, and we saw a splendid display of the Perseid meteor shower a few weeks ago when it was really dark.
Re your upload problem, wish I cd help as I miss the photos!

Lucille Evans

Hello Elizabeth. Have you given up your blog? Does anyone have any news?

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