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Hello Elizabeth, I've found my way hear via Lily's House. I like your writing and general thrifting. If you don't know it already, visit Rhonda's blog at
There's a wonderful community there for all things simple and frugal, and I'm sure you'll find some more helpful ideas.
Best wishes, Diana


Just noticed my spelling mistake....I meant 'here' not hear!! It's friday afternoon...a long week...!!


Just noticed my spelling mistake....I meant 'here' not hear!! It's friday afternoon...a long week...!!


A very thought provoking post. We need to tighten our belts too (we've just taken out a loan for a new car - oh dear!) so I will be interested to see what ideas you get back. My only tip is to stay away from shops as much as possible! This week has been exceptional in that I haven't had to go into town for anything and have been home most of the time, but as a result have only spent a few pounds on a book of stamps.


Hello Elizabeth!

Yes the price of food is scary isn't it? I am trying to concentrate on not wasting food and using up all the leftovers. It's quite amazing how much difference that makes. Old nearly sprouting spuds get peeled, par boiled and roasted ready for the freezer as home made "aunt bessies", leftover veg and gravy gets collected in a pot in the freezer to make suprise soup once I have enough veg I cook it all up and then process until smooth, add a tiny bit of butter and some milk - home made cream of veg soup. I freeze half of every loaf so it doesn't go off. Any apples looking past their best get carefully peeled and cooked up with some sugar, cinnamon and sultanas and frozen ready to make apple pies or crumbles. I have been known to cook up the apple peel and then put through a sieve to make puree. All time consuming though but I enjoy it.


I'm in the same situation, it's scary isn't it - how much everything costs at present, just stupid. I don't buy convenience foods and we never have takeaways either. I like Lidl too, especially for fruit, yogurts,ham and cheese, cereal. I use my breadmaker for our loaves which is definitely cheaper. Unfortunately my husband commutes quite a distance and I need the car for my job - petrol is crippling us. I suppose we've just got to keep on what we're doing and hope it gets easier.

French Knots

I have been menu planning and cooking from scratch so I don't waste anything that I buy. I always shop with a list and am now a big fan of the 'cheap shops' like Poundshop and Quality Save for shampoo, cleaning things etc. I read Down to Earth too and it's very inspiring. I also read www.moneysavingexpert.com which is full of good ideas, especially the money saving old style section in the forum. I find the amount that things are going up amazing, not just 1 or 2p at a time but 10p 0r more, I bought our usual large milk the other day and it had gone up 16p! Tight belts all round I fear.

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