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Thanks for the mention as well as all of those other great links. Amy is my absolute hero and I read her books over and over again.


Hi Elizabeth!

I can't believe it but the painkillers I am taking knocked me out and I missed your radio interview! I am so disappointed! I tried to download the podcast online but only the first 30 mins had been added, then I emailed the radio station (see I really did try :) they replied that the engineer wouldn't be in until Monday by which time the podcast would be deleted ready for the next prog! they did wish me better though! lol!

Hope it all went well - you must tell us about it, what did they ask?

Thanks for the mention and all the lovely links!


Hiya, I'm in Essex too and have a blog about life on the cheap! It's at http://empty-purse.com/. Check it out, I think you'll like it xx

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