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they look fab, warm and cosy!! :)


Wow! love the colours! they look lovely and warm too! thank you for the instructions, might have to try a pair myself.


Just what I want to knit - couldn't believe it when I saw your picture today! Am going to look on the internet to see if I can find a pattern. Yours look really snug.

Wendy from Scotland

Right, that's it I'm inspired. I will give these a go cos I assume I can't go far wrong (as long as I remember to leave a gap for the thumb). Oooh, all excited now!

Wendy from Scotland

Right that's it I'm officially inspired and will try to knit a pair. I assume I can't go far wrong as long as I remember to leave a hole for the thumb.....!

Wendy  from Scotland

Aaahh!! I'm really sorry, thought I'd lost the first one. Am a twit.

cafe net curtains

Ooohhh! they are really cute. This really inspire me to make more beautiful things. thanks!

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