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French Knots

I love getting a bargain but your super soap takes some beating.
It's our local Church Bazzar next weekend and I'm hoping to find a few bargains.


Well done for getting such sweet bargains. I'm off to to a baazar tomorrow with my m-i-l, so we will see what we can find!

Oh and I'd love to be put forward for your giveaway!

Sharon J

I love gnomes. I know most people think they're tacky but gnomes were originally part of the Pagan belief system, one of their incidentals, almost like a fairy, so that makes them kind of interesting I think. They should never be too big, though - gnomes were/are only ever about two hand widths (spans) high :)

I can't believe anybody would actually pay £18 for a bar of soap, regardless of who made it. What kind of madness is that? 50p, yes :)

The Shopping Sherpa

Can I enter if I plan to give it to a friend who woula dore it?


I love Christmas Fairs, but not the fight to get near the bric-a-brac stall which everyone seems to head for first these days:)
I called in to one unexpectedly today, I was at my local shops and noticed the church was holding a Fair, mind you it'd been going for 2 hours when I got there so hardly supprising that I only spent 50p on guessing the weight of the cake! I adore your gnome bag,and know a certain young lady who would be delighted if I was lucky enough to win your draw!
Have a nice week.
Gill x


I haven't heard of the Nick & Nora gnome-print before but it looks so attractive.
The soap was an amazing bargain and like Sharon J I just cannot believe anyone would pay £18 for a bar of soap - I hope that you really enjoy using it.


Well done on all those bargains, there is a Christmas Bazaar happening here next weekend and I am hoping to pick up some good bargains. That make up bag is too cute, what a lovely print.


Sounds like you have a good day and got some bargains.. would love to be in a shot of your giveaway!


Sounds like a great bazaar! Can't get over your bargain soap, well done! I love chanel allure but would never pay £18 for the soap!
Home made lemon curd is delish and well worth the making!


Gosh I wish the Christmas bazaars round here were as lovely as this one - ours mainly consist of out of date tins of cook in sauces and old drawer liners that have lost their smell!! Would love to be included in your draw!

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