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I love the new duvet cover. Why don't you just sew down two sides (one top, one side) to make it into a double size? For something that was such a bargain it would certainly be worth the effort. You always find much better things than I ever do!

The Shopping Sherpa

I agree with Lindsey about the duvet cover: except if you only sewed down once side you'll probably have enough left over to make matching pillowcases.

And are you planning to cut a pattern from the sleeveless top?


I've just had the same duvet problem but in reverse! A friend was having a clear-out and gave me a hardly used set with a double duvet cover and 2 pillow cases. Very pretty - white with big red printed flowers. I was very excited. Until I got it home and remembered that we have a king size duvet. Grrrrr....


Well done with those tops. You can see they are nice quality ones and I love the bow on the first.

The cs one is more expensive but I can see exactly why you bought it. Its very pretty, fresh and summery looking.
And I agree totally, where is the weather to wear our new finds?
I've got two jumpers on today!

Thats a good idea about making a double cover from the kingsize. Are you going to have a go?


Nice tops, it's great when you find such bargains...and even the CS top is a bargain, it's just that we get used to only paying 50P ;)
My daughter had that duvet cover a couple of years ago until we changed colour schemes!

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