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We've been getting chilly breezes here as well, starting to get a little nippy when I hang out my clothes in the mornings. It's great that you have all of your supplies lined up for a year, think of how much you will have saved.


Well done on finding the tops. Our booty is drying up too - lots and lots of traders spoiling it.

Like you I've been collecting toiletries for the colder leaner months - its so nice to spoil yourself on a cold winters day.

Ms B. Thrift

ooh that is a bargain, Bodyshop stuff is pricey, but i always enjoy buying/receiving it as i like their ethics and also know it's not going to upset my skin, so good find for you!! It's a shame the carboot season is nearly up, i imagine it will be the same for our local one as we've been away the last 2 weekends in Wales we've probably missed the last ones now.

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