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Sounds like you're lucky with your local charity shops. The ones in my area can be a little expensive on times. However, I did recently buy two nice long smock-like tops for about 3.50 each and one was new with tags still attached. Your black top will look very smart with white linen trousers.
Teresa x


Well at least you found a nice top! Most of our local CS have gone overpriced, even my little secret one located down a backstreet has gone eyewateringly expensive since they got a new mananger.


I think you have a good buy there. The placement of the beading will give a lovely shape and drape.
Wear it with pleasure:)


Prices have gone up here in charity shops as well. I tend to be extra vigilant and not buy anything that I think is unreasonable. The beading on that top is lovely. Good find.

michelle h.

I hear ya on the cat hair - we have 2 indoor cats. Ours and our daughter's. (which is staying with us for the time being).


Quite agree re some charity shop prices - yes, that's you Cancer Research - they're just ridiculous. Barnardo's in my local town, however, is excellent value currently, with almost all adult clothing priced at around £1.50 to £2. Sympathise with the white Maine Coon fur problem - welcome to my world!

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