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I think the one with the wooden bits ( I love your description " Tudor" !) was a Morris Traveller. Lovely looking things but a bugger to drive.
Camper vans are very popular here. In fact with wages and housing being so poor many people actually live in them. A different thing entirely from bowling along a summer lane with the Beach Boys tape blaring:)


Hi there

The car was a Morris Minor Travellor....we had a lovely black one when I was a child...Dad bought her second hand in 1972 for £60 - unbelievable! She was called Bessie!

We are lucky enough to own a 1972 red VW camper van with a stripy extension roof....that model called a Devon for some reason - which is appropriate as we go to Devon as often as we can which as its a long way from Kent is not often enough! Surprisingly comfy to sleep in but I think that is more to do with the good mood we are always in when we are off with the dogs having an adventure in the van. Love the blanket - gorgeous

Anne Marie Stevenson

The nearest I have been is, one 1972 Beetle about 20 years ago and last year another 1972 Beetle. I'd love a camper van but just couldn't afford it, a good one is far too expensive. I'd go for an ordinary biggish van with side door and make a bed platform (removable) and then use an ordinary camping stove.

I think your egg cups will go down a treat on Ebay.Some of the folks in my VW club would really love them.

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