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Loo xx

Hi Elizabeth, I'm totally with you on autumn/winter. I hate the cold, wearing coats and the dark mornings and evenings with a passion. As for Xmas, I'm a real bah humbug person. My only silver lining is that I get to wear my Fly boots at this time of year which I love and adore.
The motto in our house with regard to the central heating is "Not until November"!


I'm totally with you, I absolutely hate the colder weather, dark evenings, the need to wear coats and gloves, the lack of car boots and the end of music festivals and sitting in the pub beer garden.
My only cheer is booking a holiday and disappearing to the beach for a few weeks.
Love the jumper. x


BEAUTIFUL sweater! One like that would slmost definitely be all that's needed to get through the winter here.

I'm in south Texas in the US, and until a couple of weeks ago, we were well over 100 degrees F (40 C) EVERY day. We now have cooled off to the mid 90s. We are having a severe drought, so unrelenting sun all summer too.

My idea of heaven is flipping a switch and having exactly the climate of choice at the moment you wish for it. :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

See now I like Autumn, but I'm actively waiting for the mornings to get colder, there's something I want to wear too. My fake fur coat is desperate for an outing!

Great jumper, I'm still jealous you got to go to Iceland.


Georgeous sweater! We have similar taste. : )
Fall is my favorite season, I do not care for heat and humidity, much preferring cooler, brisk temps, a nice pot of tea after dinner. Better for sleeping, too,and no need for A/C-we only have window units and only use them when the interior of the home hits 80 degrees F. We're holding off on heating as long as possible-neighbors recently had their's on when temps dipped into the 30's. We just wore sweaters. : )


Couldn't agree more - went to a car boot in the dark and pouring rain this morning - horrible. And don't get me started on the cold weather - I'm still waiting for the summer to start properly - it never seemed to get going down here!

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