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It's hilarious when the police arrive at some of our boot sales, the wares get abandoned and the track suited scallies run for their lives.

Pretty finds! x


First off, The PinCushion is lovely. I was away for a while and the parcel languished. Thank You note is on it's way.

How did "Mary Maxim" wool wind up in the UK??? It's an old Canadian brand and I used to order from their catalogue all the time.

Loo xx

I totally agree with you re TOWIE - such a load of rubbish. You managed to get some goodies despite all the distractions. Love the mugs and am very envious (or should I say well jel -OK, sorry, I won't) of those wooden cotton reels.


LOL, me and the dh are addicted to Towie - absolutely hilarious. Most of my friends are too (not may I add pubescent girls) rofl.
Boot sales have been terrible near me so well done finding anything of value. Love the little deer ornament

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