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Loo xx

Hi Elizabeth, loving the look of the fabric in the piccy. I am desperate to do some patchworking too but no time (to busy tending to sick pets...grrr....). Looking forward to seeing what you make eventually. xx


I love that idea for a quilt. I had my poor old sewing machine completely gone over and tuned up awhile back...still not working like I think it should. Probably out of practice...it AND me! :)


Love the idea of your little can of oil going on and on.

What are your thoughts for made Christmas gifts this year or would that be giving the game away?

Angela Almond

Just stumbled on your blog and loved reading thru it. On subject of sewing machines - do you have a 'donkey'? no I never knew either till last year when the nice man at the shop explained. It has made a noticeable difference to the happoiness of my machine! see here http://angalmond.blogspot.com/2010/08/doing-donkey-work.html


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