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French Knots

Perhaps you should wear it inside out so everyone can read the '10' on the label :)


I have a Wallis jacket that is a 12 that fits well with extra room to wiggle, and I'm no size 12! Perhaps Wallis are big vanity sizers.

I'm a big fan of the blog by the way. Very inspirational.


What a happy coincidence!


Wallis sizes are very odd but the styles are timeless and great quality. If it fits you it has to be a keeper, it's fabulous with those toggles. x


I've got a Principles cardigan that I picked up for a couple of pounds at a car boot sale intending to sell - size Small - and was absolutely gobsmacked to find it fitted me. I love it now! Even more so because it's the only chance I'll ever get to wear a 'small', I'm sure!!

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