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If you are solar powered, I must be lunar powered...or a vampire? My engine does not seem to really get in gear until around 6:00 pm. That is about when I started vacuuming the entire house last night. Luckily no one else was home but me.

Oh well. At least both of our floors are clean! :)


I think you are a Kapha in Aurvedic terms. Worth having a bit of a read-up. It could offer some tips to get through the winter months.
As for having a wee nap during the afternoon- go for it, I say.

My plan is to write myself an epitaph and then do everything I can do live up to it. It will certainly not be saying " She was one of God's favourite vacuum cleaners"!

Which reminds me: did you ever hear the story by Alan Bennett about a Lancashire stone mason who was asked to write " She was Thine" on some woman
s gravestone only to make just one mistake and it became " E she was thin"!!!

Cheers me up everytime I think of it.


I know the feeling, I get so down in the winter and with dad being ill I need to get him settled before I can contemplate a winter escape. x

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