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Couldn't agree with you more about trick or treating. I used to be really frightened of the Cybermen too.


I hate trick or treating. My son, now 21, was never allowed to do it, even though his friends did (I was such a cruel mother ;) ) I turn off our outside light and hardly anyone ever knocks, but if they do I don't answer the door. Begging with menaces is exactly it, and it should be banned. I feel sorry for old people, it must be quite threatening, especially when it's the bigger kids.

Rant over :)


We all seem to be of one accord on this.
It happens down here in the southern hemisphere which is a bit silly because it's still light when the children come knocking.
We draw the curtains and refuse to answer the door. Fortunately they don't throw anything horrible at the house!
What we don't have, and I would love, is good carol singing at Christmas which was always well organised ( to the point of taking requests) when I lived in England!


For goodness sake, it's just a bit of fun. Nothing to do with begging, what was the difference with "Penny for the Guy" I'd rather my child dressed up and in return for candy instead of money for fireworks.


I agree with you Elizabeth and judging from the blogs I've read in the last few days we are not alone. I can't understand why we don't embrace our own traditions more, when was the last time you saw anyone doing 'Penny for the Guy'? We did it when I was a kid and sent the money to Blue Peter and like you say Halloween hardly got a mention then. I guess we've got technology to thank.
Btw your Dad sounds like mine, he calls Father's Day a 'load of american crap'

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