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Gosh, 10 weeks already. Well, it's good you're keeping busy. Those cards do look lovely. Hope your job applying goes well. I was looking at your pillowcase bag tute the other day as I'm planning to make one myself. Gulp, I'm a little scared because I've never ventured beyond cushions, curtains and patchwork! I'll give it a go though..xx


You're almost halfway through and at least Spring (and the car boot sales) will make it a bit more bearable.
Good luck with the selling! x

Debbie in London

I LOVE that laptop case!
So sorry that you and P have to be apart all this time, but it sounds as though you are settling in there, and nice to be nearer to your Mum. How is you nephew?


Lovely cards Elizabeth. Hope you have luck finding employment. I do admire you and P, so many people in your position would not have had the backbone to do what you did.

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