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If you can't get the paint off how about cutting the good bits up and making cushion covers with them ? You are so clever with a needle. I had the purple one when I was a teenager and I saw a similar one recently but they wanted £15 so it stayed in the shop.


A patchworker would snap them up!


Cut them down into "fat quarters"?


That's really annoying. We've all done it. Difficult to remove without damaging the rest of the cloth. But as another idea, beacuse the flowers are super groovy cut them out individually and use them as applique on say small make up bags, when you're in make and sell mode.

Jean x


I'd put them on Ebay as seen with some good photos. I think they will go if the paint spots are small.


I found 2 single sheets like that in an op shop. I cut one in half and made curtains. The other one's sitting in a cupboard. What would a green and blue floral single one be worth, without paintspots?!


That's reminded me, I've got that brown one somewhere.
I think you should chop them up and make something fabulous, they'd sell like hot cakes at your craft fair! x

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