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You have every right to moan given all that's been happening. Be kind to yourself :)


Sounds hideous! I'd have been livid with Ocado as well. Friends of ours have just come back from backpacking around Vietnam for a month (they're in their 50s and it was their first experience of backpacking). I couldn't wait to hear about it, as like you, I've always had a hankering to go to Vietnam, but their tales were full of cockroaches, awful accommodation, culture shock, and 12 hour overnight bus journeys, rather than the what they'd seen and done, so I was a bit disappointed. I get the feeling they won't be going backpacking again!


Hang in there, nicer weather will be with us before long and you'll enjoy getting out and about again. I went to my first boot sale in six months this morning and although it was cold the sun was out and it was a delight to be there. Hope you have a better bank holiday Monday. Do something nice to cheer yourself up. x

Mrs Madrigal

As parents of small twins who go to bed at 7.30pm, we regularly eat at 9 or 9.30pm. Usually it's fine, but if I get too hungry I can get really cranky!

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