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At least you haven't got 60 hour's worth of snow like us! It's blinking ridiculous out there, the poor cats are going mental, they can't go out as the snow's taller than them! x


I always keep an eye on UK weather so am aware of the dreadful conditions for you all. Despite it all it's lovely to see how you still count your blessings.
When it does come what is more beautiful than in an English spring? xx


It's blowing a gale here and was snowing the other day. I reckon spring is a no, no and probably summer again too. Our central heating bill must be going through the roof.
Love from Mum


We had a blizzard on Thursday. Highways were closed, 100 car pileup and a Mum and her toddlers died in a separate crash. 33+ cm came down.

I need to see shoes again! I'm so tired of my muttluks


So glad somebody else is feeling the same as me - I've just written a post on very similar lines. I am SO sick of it.

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