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It is a mystery. I can understand chazzas charging the same price for tee shirts, dresses or jackets but the inconsistencies are ridiculous especially when manky old New Look tat is priced higher than Jaeger. Not to worry though, it all adds to the joys of charity shopping. xxx


That's a very good question, I have always felt it was done by individual shop based on how new the item is but sometimes I'm not sure they know the true value of things.
I've seen some beautiful china sets in mint condition for pennies!

Green rabbit

When I used to work for Oxfam, many moons ago, there was a sheet on the wall, with types of clothing - ie woman's skirts, man's trousers etc and then there was an upper price and a lower price, depending on quality/brand. These sheets were updated each season. There was also a list of quality brands that required either a special price or the top price on the list.


I think that some charity shops don't have consistency with pricing because they have a variety of people pricing, some of whom know their brands better than others. As Vix says, however, it all adds to the joy of the hunt! There are, however, as I've said before, certain charity shops that I won't even go into these days, because of the whole wooden hanger/laminate floor/ideas above their station and prices above my comfort zone thing!


I get quite annoyed at some of the prices charity shops charge especially for Primark and supermarket clothes, it would almost be as cheap to buy new. I refuse to shop in BHF any more as their prices are shocking. I think it does depend on the area too, I've visited other towns and pick up proper bargains. I know it's all in a good cause but I get the feeling we're being ripped off sometimes in the name of charity!


You could try volunteering in a couple of shops, to figure out their pricing policy. Remember, although some of these shops are part of a larger chain, each shop depends on individual donations. While they will work from a central pricing sheet, they may be a discount shop within the organisation and get their stock from other shops' unsold stock. Staff could be lazy about looking up prices. There could be something wrong with the item that you haven't yet seen. The item could have gone really quickly last time it was in stock so the staff are trying to see if they can get more for their charity this time.
I have to say, I don't understand the feeling of being ripped off. If you don't like the price, leave, and shop around. The shops are trying to raise as much money as possible for charity, that's the first purpose, not coming up with a great bargain for shoppers !
I do agree that some charity shops (not the one I work in !) charge a lot for their items, but I just don't shop there, end of story. If people didn't pay the prices, the shop would change its pricing policy. As it is, if the shop is still open, it's probably raising enough to make it worth while.
Please remember - they're not looking for customers, they're looking for funds.

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