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It's lovely, what a bargain! I was brought up being told to spend the most you could afford on quality clothes, better to spend £20 on a good second-hand coat than the same amount in a cheapo shop. xxx


Lucky you.
Love from Mum


That's lovely! And there was I thinking Windsmoor was for really old ladies. How wrong can I be! x


£12 for quality like Windsmoor, is a snip, this coat is fabulous and will last you ages. Now all we need is a photo of you modelling it


Thats a lucky find - I brought 2 new classic Windsmoor winter coats from an outlet near us, a good 7 years ago, they cost a daft amount of money but I have them cleaned each year, they are always hung up on good coat hangers (even at work) and they are so well fitting and nice and warm and still look brand new dispite being worn throughout every winter - I think that as long as I continue to look after them they should last me another 7 years at least so when you work the cost out they have been worth it - they are such classy clasic coats aren't they - well done! xxx


Good Bargain!!!

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