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Glad you got there in the end and like the use of "dag nabbit". Who used to say that? Was it Deputy Dawg? xx


Me again! I've just looked it up. It was Elmer Fudd. Of course it was! OK, I'll go now...xx


Yay! Love your description of the jeggings, I bought some myself a couple of years ago and they showed every ripple, bulge & dimple. Yuk!
I second your recommendation of Cotton Traders, and may I also add Lands End to your list? I have had a lot of success with clothes from both, and very good experiences with customer service. As you say, not the cheapest, but very good quality and for those essential basics that you haven't been lucky enough to find in a charity shop they are a useful source of satisfaction.
Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


Your description of yourself in the jeggings almost made me spit out my mouthful of tea!! Glad you found a good solution in the end - white trousers are always problematic, I find.

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