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We're drooling with envy here at your heat wave but understand that some may find it not quite so comfortable.
I always wear comfort shorts ( doesn't that sound twee?) under skirts ( to avoid the dreaded chaff) and make my own tops. I found a lovely pattern a few years back and have made it up countless times: often in op-shop bought material. It's great for a short-arse like me who is otherwise swamped by bought tops.:)


It's a nice problem to have though, isn't it? After two years of incessant rain and grey I'm wearing stuff that only usually sees the light of day in India.
How about a couple of cheap maxis or floor length gypsy skirts? I'm sure I saw some the plus sized "Inspire" ones in the window of New Look and there's a sale on. x


I like the idea of you wearing a pyjama top for day wear for some reason. How unlike my daughter who wears her normal clothes for bed *sigh*. I'm sure I've got loads of clothes old enough to vote and even older. xx

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