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I love a Nepali knit!
My charity shopping is great at the moment, after the epic spree on Tuesday today I've come back with two bin bags of vintage clothes saved for me by the Salvation Army ladies plus a 1950s party dress & some fab 1970s coffee glasses. I love second-hand shopping! x


I'm missing car boot sales....I don't get to charity shops very often so Sunday morning bootsales are the ideal time to get my fix! Roll on Easter weekend when they start again. Today though I am going to a jumble sale so fingers crossed I find some treasures. I'll be hitting the bedding and household linens while daughter will be rummaging in the ladies' clothes. Happy days.


I'm using a Champneys body butter at the moment (must have picked it up at a bootsale or charity shop, as it has a 50p sticker on the top!). Am very impressed with it - lovely stuff.


I bought two nepal knitted hats the other day from a cs for a pound each. Lovely wool they are made from - not itchy stuff which I hate.

Most of the CS are as you say full of over priced tat.

They had a patchwork quilt up for sale in one shop - £30 and well used. I bought a similar one in a larger size with two pillow shams for less than that brand new a few years back.

I'm the same as you Elizabeth, I need handcream in gallons. Always buy it brand new but secondhand , if you see what I mean. LOL

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