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Wonderfully nostalgic post! We had a book about how to "spik Bristle" when I was young, because my father's family are all in Bishopston, Bristol 7. We used to talk like them when we spent hols with them, saying "meeeeerm" with the intonation, when we wanted to ask mum something. Happy days :)


This made me (or should I say "made I") chuckle! I've lived in London for the past 20 years but am from Bristol originally (Downend). I made a big attempt to dampen my accent when I first moved to London but it hasn't fully gone, nor would I want it to really. Words with a vowel before a r (like course, war, board) are the ones that give me away, especially when I am tired. I still call my trainers daps (though sadly no longer have a bag to keep them in hanging from a peg). I think the term is also used in south Wales.


What a nice post, I love the West country accent, and hear it quite often these days as Mum moved to Cornwall 20 years ago. Mum always resisted talking with a London accent despite growing up there. She didn't have a particular accent,just softly spoken, and after she moved to Hemel in the 1960s(where we were born)never semed to pick up a local accent. I remember her hating us kids talking "common" (sort of Londoner/Hemel), dropping our aitches, sloppy language really! She still sounds the same to me but has picked up many of the local words..."my lover" and "dreckly" are ones that spring to mind. She thinks we all talk too quickly up here! How soon she forgets.....
Gill x


Hi, I found you through Apron Thrift Girl.

A really interesting post, I smiled a lot whilst reading it.

Racheal x

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