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Hiya chick

Love the bags- I love the one you sent me from the bright print. The only suggestion I have is Heather Hales' tutorial on lined zip pouches - it's the only one that has made sense and if you get zips that are the right size it's a doddle. By the way, I will email you about the craft fair. I sold one of your corsages, and I was thinking of adding them to the etsy shop, with your details on of course. Anyway, when I have my head together a bit more I will email you. Best wishes


Beautiful - and I LOVE all the fabrics :)


Hi Elizabeth, Love those bags, they're all equally as nice, clever you. No tips for inserting zips I'm afraid, I haven't done any sewing for a long itme but I always used to struggle with zips too. I think you have to keep fiddling until they're neatly in place. Sorry it's been a while, busy at work right now, will be in touch soon
Gill x

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