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Wow, it looks lovely, everything matches perfectly. How clever. I have some very old bedding, but I was lucky that my friend gave me a big pile when she emigrated. It is not worth paying shop prices when you can get it so much cheaper through using your own intuition.


What a great deal, duvet covers are hard to find over here for good prices. I scored two fantastic ones at a church rummage sale last summer, but it was a rare find. I'm always keeping my eye out.


The bedding looks great. So happy that my suggestion was useful (even if I can't remember posting it!). Anyway, the effort was certainly worthwhile.


It looks great, I am always on the lookout for sheets and duvets and I am very lucky as I find heaps. I use them to back quilts and even made a kimino style dressing gown last week. The boys were so impress they asked me to make them one each, no flowery fabric though.

Frugal Trenches

oooh I love it. One word comes to mind, Spicey!


The bedding looks simply awesome and amazing. I specially love the bold and rich colour of the one in the image.

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